​Fantastic Beasts and Cursed Children

 The hype has reached and died down as well. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has finally been viewed in the theatres of West End, and the play- in book form- has been released across the world in, selling two million copies in two days.  That’s crazy right? Who’d have ever thought, that that magic that we saw, way back in 2007 would come back to us in 2016? And not just once but twice. Now a lot of us are sad because we don’t live in England and therefore cannot possibly go and see the play version of the story. I know I was. But now we get a book as consolation. However, (I haven’t read the book yet so no spoilers here.) It seems that the book is just lazily written. According to my good friends, who are currently reading the book themselves and have been kind enough to inform me, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is fanfiction. In the nine long years that all Potterheads have been living without any new material, they have taken to Tumblr and various other sites to write their own stories. Headcannons, One-shots, whole stories too. According to the people who have read it, this is what the play script consists of. All of the fanfiction of the people of the internet. 
I heard all of this and I still want to read the book. I suppose my great respect for this magical series probably fuels my desire to complete this book and learn this story for myself before jumping to conclusions that revolve around the stuff that others are telling me. But I can also say, grudgingly, that after so long, we fans are so DESPERATE for new material that we’ll take everything. The good the bad and the ugly.

In November we have more to look forward to. Yes, I’m talking about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie that is set to release later this year, stars Eddie Redmayne and more importantly (for me and a few similar others in our Potter community) a HUFFLEPUFF IN THE SPOTLGHT *serious fist punching the air, fireworks and celebratory noises*. Yes, for the first time there is a Hufflepuff main character who the story revolves around. For a house that was always in the background this is so huge! And also, Eddie Redmayne… Like do I even need to say anything more?

Anyway, so I can say I’m looking forward more, to the movie myself what with a Puff protagonist and American Wizard culture. The excitement is rising.


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