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This is the ocean. Layer over layer, it hides so many secrets. The little curling ponytail is in reality a big gigantic wave. Much like the Great Wave Off Kanagawa. You can see the various currents. All conflicting. Rushing into one another like the rushed and hurried traffic of Bangalore. The wind blows and the waters dance gently making it hard to get a clear picture. It’s like it’s mocking me. Trying to see how well I’ll do in its game. Toward the bottom edge a rock (ear) juts out of the water. When it is stormy this gets almost covered by the waves; swallowed whole by the ocean only to be spat out again when the tide is low. There is a trickle of water from the main ocean body that is like a sneaky little river flowing into it. A band hold some of it in place. It is of human creation. Constricting. Choking.

The model for this photo is Mark.


Flaming red and flowing down. This is the dry forest. So dry it is tempting the blaze.  A small but bright spark just waits for the opportune moment. Waiting and watching. Knowing that it will be time for it to live soon. Soon it will wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting life forms of the place. It leaves a dark past from the root. Dark and unforgiving. It is the Death that all Life fears. It is nearing the multitude of flowers. The garden will soon be dark and ashy. The innocent pink petals that escape the tongues will wilt slowly without their mother-ship. They will be left alone and will die that way. There is no hope in this place. Not for it. But then, many generations later this forest will grow again. Flowers will bloom again. It shall become the place of dreams it once was.

The model for this photo is Anushka.





Do you see this waterfall? In a constant state of motion that it blurs? It is a long, long way down. A hint of a smile, water jumping from one place to another. It washes down, covering up the sturdy cliffs behind. It also doesn’t like to stay in one place. Sometimes it goes out of its boundaries. Rebellious and untamed. But mostly it sways down its well-worn path. The waters are warm and soft. They will not hurt your skin. Only, lightly kiss it inviting you to come see it’s wonders. If you listen carefully you can hear it speak to you. Swaying with the breeze and movements. Each individual drop (strand) with a life of its own, looking for acknowledgement for its individuality but we all know that they look best when all of them are put together; forming this gigantic force to be reckoned with. It is here that so many secrets hide. Wouldn’t you like to find out?

The model for this photo is Shreya.



The desert is bare, with very little vegetation. Millions of grains of sand congregate and truly show strength in numbers. Vast stretches of land with little to almost no sources of water. The desert makes travelers weary. Fatigue and thirst is all that grows here. At night time the desert is cold and harsh. In the day it is hot and dry- and still harsh. But sometimes at the edge of the desert there will be an oasis waiting. You can see it in the distance. Blue water reflects the sunlight off its surface. But sometimes it is the desert playing tricks on your eyes. Making you see the illusion of water where it actually does not exist. It is not a friendly atmosphere to most. However, a few select creatures gather and thrive here. Some are very dangerous. While some can be docile and exploited. The desert also hides secrets sometimes. Buried under all that sand it is a most gorgeous treasure chest.

The model for this photo is Prithvi.



Row standing after row; this is a tea garden. The bushes have been trimmed and controlled. Kept growing lush and beautiful at the same time. Between the rows are the pathways for the collectors to pick the desired leaves. The texture is soft and speaks for centuries of tradition. This garden knows the stories of its ancestors. This garden is a culture that is passed down through the ages. It is mild and timid like the tea it grows yet rich in its flavour. In the early time of morning this is what rises you while it is picked in that very time of day. In the night it is smooth and soothing. You must be gentle while handling it. It has taken a lot of attention and looking after to have got it to this stage of its life. Caring hands have raised the plant from its start till the time that you see it.

The model was in a hurry and was hesitant to speak much so didn’t tell me her name.



In Japanese it is called Fukai Mori; Deep Forest. The mightiest of forests, rich in all forms of life. It has so many dimensions to explore, so many places to go. Large sturdy trees, co-exist with smaller ones that take refuge under the cover of the superior. So many rivers flow within the forest. It is one of those places that the trees are alive. They whisper to one another, you can hear it: go stand close by and stay quiet. After a while you shall hear all they have to say. Mystical places always have special protection. Like a great big white cloud to enfold it in and hide it from any prying eyes. Playfully the trees curve and dance to the tune of the wind. Swaying and flying in the force of it, but always grounded enough to come to the original source. These trees work together. So varied and different are their skills that they are an army working together to fend off any weeds. It is a place of calmness and serenity.

The model for this photo is Aakanksha.


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  1. kindofhipster · August 20, 2016

    Omg I love this. It’s so creative! I liked the last one and dreadlocks best. :^)

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