​The Scientific Use of Violence

For the longest time the use of violence has been not only aided by scientific means but also justified. Science has been the one fact that will not be questioned and is followed thoroughly throughout the time that we have lived ever since the proper study of the subject was started. The cold hard facts which is offered by people of science is often too cold to get near and much too hard to break. At the most we can chip it slightly but break it completely… Never. 
During the holocaust the German Nazis were able to kill so many human beings. Not just the Jews, but anyone he thought was “inferior”. He would justify his violent acts in the name of science saying these people were in some way the rejects of society that by some godforsaken so-called scientific research proved. It is a strange part of human behaviour that somehow compels us to listen to those we think are in power. Perhaps the way we are raised is at fault. The way we are told, all over the world in unison, that we should listen to our elders. It is still a mystery exactly how Hitler got to be able to control such large masses when he wasn’t really an imposing figure if you saw him on the road someday, alone, sans entourage. 

The holocaust is however merely one needle in this haystack of scientific violence. Modern day sees so much more of it but somehow I think we as a race have numbed ourselves to the feeling that this could or is wrong in any way. And while we might know it is wrong the intensity of it doesn’t hit us quite right and we are able to brush it off completely even. Political lines divide us, colour of body makes us discriminate, heck, even sexual orientation is made to be either acceptable or not. We can’t handle people loving each other but can handle hate? Why? Because it is scientifically justified? Well that doesn’t change the fact that no one cares that psychologists all over the world have proved that homosexuality is not a disease. It doesn’t matter to people that the ridiculousness of the statement “black people are inferior- because science!” has been exposed. No. People still hate. They still discriminate. 

Science is not to blame. It is human nature. Where we once had humanity we shield ourselves in impenetrable scientific armour. Human beings need to stop. We are not the best. If anything we are the worst. We kill, destroy, screw up everything that we touch. In movies where aliens come to our planet we show them persecuting our race. We are scared of extra-terrestrial life because we are afraid that they will do to us exactly what we do to the planet and the beings living with us. It’s a bit like witchcraft. Magic can be right or wrong- but depending on how it is used. 

Thus, science and violence go hand in hand sometimes. And each time it does, another voice is silenced… 



  1. kindofhipster · August 29, 2016

    This is so good. I can’t believe how much you’re writing has improved man. You’re waaaaaay better than me. I wish I could write as well as u

    Liked by 1 person

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