A letter to all the teachers who tried (and failed) to teach me math

Dear teacher. Math teacher. I would like to say to you (all of you) how very sorry I am. Sorry that you had to put up with teaching a dunce like me. Sorry that the pay probably wasn’t worth the completely blank looks I gave your faces after you had spent yet another hour trying to get me to understand the new sum. You probably hated looking at me. Well the feeling was definitely mutual. I’m sorry that you had to teach me. I mean we were both in pain. I’m pretty sure I was in more pain but we were both in pain. Because math, as a subject, was my kryptonite, and you were no Lois Lane.

But I am also sorry my dear math teacher, that you didn’t know how to teach math. You, stuck in your backward calculative ways of thinking didn’t manage to get it across to me. And I, the dreamer, the writer, the less numbers more colours one always fell victim to the cruelty of the math. I am sorry that you were taught that there is no other way to teach. I’m sorry that there was no imagination in you (or time thanks to the restraints of physics) for you to think up ways in which you could have taught me. So thank you, Math Teacher, for bringing me this far, still hating math completely and at the same time letting me know just how important it would be for me to know why ABC even shows up in the world of mathematics at all.


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