Suicide Silence (Trigger Warning)


There is a place, a land of dreams,

Not nightmares surely, no evil things.

A world away from the one we’re in,

But still very much happening.

I know this world has fun and games;

And joy and laughter ever exist.

This place so far, but yet so close,

A place we will not be morose.

Fancy princes, funny creatures.

Serious, wise men who are good teachers.

A place where everyone wants to be

A place that just belongs to me.

Time passes there as you wish,

In the blink of an eye or the blow of a kiss.

And you control this world at large

And do what you want to, at heart.

Castles and underwater escapades.

Magic mysterious is the place.

You’ll feel like never really leaving

But will be forced to when ‘reality’ stings

Returning is an easy thing,

Don’t be afraid of anything.

Because this world is yours to own,

You can come back even when you’re old.

You can be a hero or heroine,

And any battle, you will win.

Nothing will fade, no place is gone,

Everything waiting for you to return.

So come escape this world of tears,

Of sorrow, and despair, and fears.

The scars on your hand you will not see.

They’ll heal you in the healing waves of the sea.

And all the blood that went down the drain,

The shouting, screaming, lying, the blame,

Frustration that would never cease

The tears that just wouldn’t freeze.

The blades, the thought, the pills, the tie

Every time you made up some other lie,

And then the aching, lingering pain.

The constant attempt to escape this place.

The slitted wrists, the crying eyes.

Deyaced soul, the eager flies.

Come away, hide with them

These people are not enemies but friends.

So close your eyes and then retreat

Into your mind so close, so sweet.

And even then it’s far away,

So come on and enjoy your stay.

Remain for as long as you please

And from the cruel world find release.

I’ll also let you in on a secret.

There is one way you’ll never leave it.

And promise that you’ll never tell,

’Cause damn that secret’s really swell,

All it takes is a simple rope,

With Death beside, Life can elope.

Truly if you needed this break,

You’d know, no one would miss your face.

Take up the knife, swallow the pill,

Adrenaline rush; awesome thrill.

Drift away on broken wings

To the land where your heart sings.

The tears that fall after that

Will not-


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