Mystic Messenger has taken over my life (a.k.a. my terrible excuse for being inactive)

I never thought that a video game would affect my life so hard. But that’s exactly what Mystic Messenger has done.

Mystic messenger is a female oriented, otome game that was created by a South Korean company called Cheritz. The game is mainly a number of chat rooms where the gamer can chat and interact with other AI characters. Pre- programmed replies are offered that the gamer can choose from and enter accordingly, they get hears from the AI depending on their response. The entire process takes 11 days and features one good ending and a few bad endings.

mysmes opening screen regular

Opening Screen to the game

mode select

Mode Selection


I decided to try the game and downloaded it several times actually. The first time I downloaded the game I was in my PG. The end of the month internet was being a crabby little baby, and wasn’t connecting well so after I sat on the loading page for a while, I gave up, exited, and deleted the game. When I went home for my semester break was when I managed to get the game to load on my phone, with good, strong home WiFi.

The game featured five male characters and one female character, Jumin Han: a businessman; Yoosung Kim who is a college student; musical actor Zen, a hacker who is introduced as 707, and Jaehee Kang who is Jumins’s assistant. There is also the photographer, V, who in the beginning didn’t really play much of a role in the game as he didn’t have a route the gamer could play. So that’s how the game works, the more hearts you get from a character the more you lean towards their route. The first time I played it I got most hearts from Zen and therefore from day 5 onward I got to play his route, earning me a good ending there.

In August, (2017) on the day of the games one-year anniversary, Cheritz announced that along with the two stories the Deep Story and the Casual Story, they were adding a new part to the game called another story. There was a lot of speculation as to who the new route would be about. Most fans were fighting over V and a minor character who went by the name ‘Unknown’ (the main antagonist in the game). And after a bit of a delay with the release, Cheritz pushed the release date to September and confirmed fan suspicions. It was the V route.


Playing MysMes is not like an average otome game. Admittedly, I haven’t played too many otome games myself but I tried a few others after I played MysMes and I didn’t find one which was as appealing. MysMes take things to a whole new level. There’s a complex storyline that grabs your attention as you play, secret after secret keeps one glued to the phone screen. Initially when I’d first downloaded the game and seen how much time it was taking and how much it would affect my sleep schedule (there are chats that open in the middle of the night when every sane human being is supposed to be asleep) I thought I’d play one route, during my holidays, finish it and delete the game off my phone. Safe to say, that didn’t work. I played till I had the required number of hourglasses (currency in the game) to open the Deep Story and access Jumin and Seven’s routes. (The Casual story only features Jaehee, Zen and Yoosung) and then in September, I got into the V route and am currently on my 6th day of playing that. It’s an amazing route that’s difficult to play for the choices that MC (main character a.k.a. you) has to keep making.



The thing about MysMes is how much the characters become people you can love and want to talk with. They each have a complex backstory to them which is captivating. You need to know more. I needed to know what happened, which is why when I tried to delete the game off my phone and get back to a regular life where I didn’t have to delete my apps to make space for a game, I was literally constantly thinking about the game. I ended up downloading it again and playing through the routes.

Deleting the game from your device makes you lose all your gameplay from before unless you have it saved, which is why when my phone crashed and I had to have a reset done to fix it I lost all my data. By that point I had played with each character except for 707 and had received good endings in each route. When I got my phone back, I could only retrieve Zen’s route.


Visual Novel ft. V and “Ray” aka Unknown

MysMes is addictive. I’ve spent many days, staying up late into the night to finish chatrooms because if the next chatroom opens before you open the last one you cannot go back to that chat unless you pay with hourglasses.  It’s been a fun experience though, I’ll say. Squeezing in time between classes to finish chats, recommending it to people and then discussing it with them when they play it. Mystic Messenger has taken over my life a little. But I don’t think I mind. I don’t mind at all.


Now imma get back to playing.


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