Thoughts I Had After Watching a Children’s Cartoon


Why is it we scoff and children’s TV shows? No matter how well made they may be? For shows dealing with basic themes of love and compassion. Of kindness and humanity, why do we think they are meant only for children? With the current climate, as each day goes by, I find myself drawn to such shows. The so-called kids shows with their simplicity, teaching people to respect, showing the good triumphing over evil, and the light winning over the dark; where life lessons are learnt through the power of magic, and friendship, and of course, love.

Sure, programs made for adults are fun too. But they are overwhelming. The use of violence, the revolting ‘jokes’ that are most often racist or sexist, aimed at hurting the sentiments of another. We already live in a worlds that is rife with such pessimism. It spreads to us as well, like a virus. And here we stand, allowing it to do what it wants. We complain, yet don’t lift a finger to stop it. We sit and argue for the sake of appearing smarter and stronger, instead of to listen, to understand. The quicker we answer the better. And so, the others, remain unheard, unseen, trampled by our harsh words. And then we wonder what drives people to the extremes. In many cases, it is desperation. For the underdog, to come out on top, for once. A children’s show showed me that. Helped me to understand.

I know the world is a hard, cruel, and unkind place. You don’t have to tell me. But why should that mean I become as hard, cruel, and unkind? You don’t tell me to get used to it either!

We have made it easier and easier for us to kill, to hurt, to make peoples lives miserable. And then we give into it, we say, “That’s just how things are!” or “That’s how it has always been!” But I ask myself. Why should it be so hard for you to so some love. Some, kindness? Why do we train ourselves to become so hard that we turn into hateful horrible people? Who don’t think that there may have been a better way of saying something; of dealing with a situation with a more favourable alternative? Why do we apologize for letting ourselves be mean?

If you want to change the world, you start with yourself. You change the way you interact. Stop this spread of negativity, start listening to what children’s shows taught you once again. Because I don’t want to get used to it. Because I believe that the more we ignore and say get used to it, the deeper we dig ourselves into this hole. We can be better – to each other, and also eventually – to ourselves.



Go watch Trollhunters : Tales of Arcadia on Netflix. It’s amazing.


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