Where is God? 

Where is god? I do not know.
Is he in the homes of the suffering?

Where is god? In all this show

Of fire and bodies gathering.

Where is he when those whom he calls

His children are all fighting.

Does he come to help,

Offer some relief to the people who dying?
Is he there, when his flock

Murders in his name?

Does he hide when cruel men

Pass on the blame

Is he there when little creatures

Cry out for his help?

Is he here when evil persons

Wreak havoc and bring hell
Or has he left, ashamed

Of what humanity has become

And drifted far and

Far away from this human scum

For we may be his children but

It’s time that we grow up

See that while we’re different

We are all the same stuff
Blood and pain

Crying and shame

Laughter joy and all that remains

Deep down we’re all just human.

God or not.