I am 

​I am a wave, gentle and calm; yet I can turn rough and menacing. 

I am the sea; on most nights I am quiet. But some nights I am a storm. 

I am the sun, burning fierce and I am also the moon, being credited for borrowed light. 

I am a being, both cold and warm. 
I am a raindrop: single entity, among the multitude of droplets that fall with me

I am a winter sky, cloudy, cold, dull, yet comforting shading the harshness of the sun  

I am the banyan tree standing proud but falling to my knees begging for mercy at the hands of an axe.

This is me I am the only one
I am the eye of the tornado; place of calm amidst the chaos around.  

I am a breeze softly caressing the things I touch, though a gale when in times of need

I am a person a human being, with a kaleidoscope of emotions.

I am a girl with nothing but a wish to be free


One comment

  1. kindofhipster · August 29, 2016

    So powerful and poetic

    Liked by 1 person

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